Christian Life Courses

Spiritual Disciplines - CL101
This course introduces the student to foundational habits for the development of the personal Christian life. It explores both the purpose and the practical application of these habits so that students will be equipped to use them in daily life.

Bible Study Methods - CL102
This course looks at a variety of methods and approaches for studying the Bible. It examines the basic framework for observation, interpretation, and application. Various exegetical and topical methods of study will also be considered.

Spiritual Warfare - CL103
This course recognizes that all Christians committed to serving Christ are engaged in a spiritual battle against the Adversary. Students will examine the Bible’s teachings about who the enemy is, how he works, and who his associates are. The study emphasizes how to overcome this enemy from our position in Christ and with the biblical weapons Christ has provided for our use.

Identity in Christ - CL201
This course considers the Bible’s teachings about who the Christian has become in Christ. It includes a study of every Christian’s position in Christ and how this position sculpts thinking and character. Each student will be required to write a statement that answers the question, “Who am I?”