Theology Courses

Doctrine of God - TH101
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the existence, Triune nature, attributes, and names of the God of the Bible. This study is presented as the foundation to all other studies of theology.

Doctrine of Man - TH102
This course analyzes how mankind relates to God. Students will consider Adam’s creation in the image of God, Adam’s fall and the guilt of sin passed on through him to mankind, the salvation available in Christ as the second Adam, and the recreation of man in the likeness of God.

Doctrine of Christ - TH103
This course will explore the Bible’s teachings about the person of Jesus Christ. It addresses His eternal existence, His divine nature, His pre-incarnate appearances, the purpose and nature of His incarnation, His present ministry, and His promised return.

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - TH201
This course examines the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It reviews the Spirit’s attributes and role in the Trinity and dispels common misconceptions about His personhood. Students will examine the Spirit’s multiple ministries and His administration of spiritual gifts.

Doctrine of the Church - TH202
This course explores the biblical doctrine about the universal and local church. It examines the definition, nature, and purpose of the universal Church. It also investigates the practical implications of these doctrines for local church congregations under the headship of Christ.